…at the side of all things, there are yet other sides, and so sidelines become centrepieces, and otherness becomes immersion.

…earth-works and wonders are complemented with wool and wind, and so objects and movement merge into constellations, then consciousness.

Here we are, we are Artcouple, and we’re based on the amazing but somewhat hidden Cumbrian coast. We have moved here, to the small town of Maryport, in order to deepen our collaborative work after many years working independently in London and Leeds. So it’s been a journey from the city to the sea—side: side by side with the Irish Sea, and in this corner of the same sea the Solway Firth. We are also near the Lake District, and not far from Scotland (27 miles as the crow flies). We are intrigued by all these elements. It’s a posturban paradise for us too, and we have acquired a deeper sea-orientation: this is where we meet the waves.

Our work forms part of a new wave of potentialities released within the field of psychogeography, emphasising: land and location, sea and space, time and terrain.

We work with multiple media, and mediations: with sound, performance, prose/poetry, and with our  ‘intraventions’—a term that we feel suits our practice better than the more usual ‘interventions’. Our main project is: Where Waves Meet

Simon defined a methodology called ‘Displacement Activities’ within his recent practice-led doctoral thesis. He works as an ambulant sound artist and oral historian connecting spoken memory with place within multi-modal, embodied deep mappings.

Ursula, in her ‘My-grations’ project, interrogates positions of belonging and edgeness. Grounded inCan the Subaltern Speak (Spivack), she also develops image-spaces found between the English and German language. She is also interested in the meaning of body, both abstract and literal, drawing from her work as a life model.

We work with organised and disorganised sound, text, poetry, performance art, ‘intraventions’, walking art, moving image and stills. We like psychogeography and Dada, but consider our work posturban eco-art.

We walk with the waves…