Out-O-Space Gallery #4: Stepping Submerged

We were delighted to receive a beautiful submission from an artist we had never come across before lockdown, C-Nick. We felt the images and text spoke directly to the central preoccupations of the Out-O-Space Gallery as we move into territory unmapped.

C-Nick—About Stepping Submerged:
Times are different right now, society is in a flux as we’re trying to figure out what really matters, what to keep, and what to let go. But it’s not just social norms that are different, the weather here has been unusual as well. We’re in Southern California, and it rained for more than a week. In April. That’s weird. In Southern California, things aren’t set up for rain. Our backyard stepping stones were entirely submerged, and the water was up to the house. I had just read about Out-O-Space Gallery, and so I wanted to document this odd time and the unusual weather for the mood they cast on our surroundings. I also wanted to call attention to the water’s painterly quality. In it, I see cross-hatching, strokes, and animals, what do you see? Seeing things in the abstract is very human. We love to recognise stuff, especially faces which is a testament to how social our species is. It’s a testing time right now, but it’s not without opportunities to make meaning in the little things. @cnickartist

We enjoyed experimenting with the intriguing images of submersion. The water in the pictures sometimes revealed the stones underneath in a kind of reverse, with relief appearing like exchanged formations. There was an illusion of elements as well: despite its wetness it could have been a moonlandscape—mystical craters. Certainty dissolved into dreaminess, amplifying the space outside, with the seaside in the dark and in the distant horizon of the view behind the laptop. The mirror in the laptop on the one side (the outer side) and the projection on the other (in the room indoors) triplified the imposition of the performance on the townscape..

Next artist to feature in the gallery is Irene Lafferty

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