We are excited to introduce a new commission through West Cumbria’s very own RE-Drift collective of artists! During October/November we’re working on this: ‘PYLON 111’ focuses on the last days of a lone pylon in the hinterlands of Workington docks that is quite literally at the end of the line. The material history of the pylon stretches back into World War Two, but it will meet its demise on Monday 9th Novemeber when it will be felled and dismembered by PLPC Ltd. This date happens to coincide with the 31st anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. ArtCouple have […]

Out-O-Space Gallery #1

In which we discuss an unexpected opportunity in the lockdown: first Ursula, then Simon. Ursula: It’s on a scaffolding! What has become our outdoor-gallery, or gallery out-of-space, as now outside the house, out of the inside. A job had to be done that required scaffolding, they didn’t take it down before the lockdown – and now it is here to stay until whenever it finishes. Typical for the weird time we have entered: things, jobs had been put on hold, all our work had been stopped in its tracks, society at large on its head, it’s a kind of waiting-to-exhale […]

Pulp Non-fiction

During our explorations of Eco-Art we have found ourselves overlapping and intersecting in many, often surprising, ways. Here we discuss a ‘sculpture triangle’ that happened over Time and Material. We introduce: ‘Private Member’, ‘Network’ and ‘Eggsbox’. Private Member February~ongoing, 2019 (Torn paper, PVA, and black nail varnish) This piece came about through addressing a mounting problem. How to dispose of private papers? Shred, burn, pulp? I am not keen on putting bank statements, personal identity data, eco-plots and the like into the standard recycle process. Therefore I keep a bag where I put my private papers until the time comes for […]